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Services & Suggestions


Itineraries in the Art Cities where participants will cross the city by means of bikes, vespas, horse chariots, looking for spots indicated in a map

Active Tours and Treasure Hunt to visit the highlights of Rome, Milan, etc., in a dynamic way, on the research of the Roman speaking statues’ or of a Treasure Map hidden along the Spanish Steps… or up the spires of Milan Dome to guess how many they are…and more

Animated cultural visits with actors playing by the monuments (by Colosseum, at Tivoli Villa Adriana, etc.)

City tours by an ancient tramway transformed into a wagon-restaurant, with songs and music



A careful selection of venues and a social program of great impact

We can provide a very large choice of venues for the conferences: Congress Centers as well as hotels with Congress facilities, historical venues where the importance of the conference may be emphasized by the artistic value of the venue itself, resorts in suggestive sites of Umbria and Tuscany. We can also suggest particular location for the convention and events, not available to everybody but very exclusive, i.e. princely palaces, important monuments or museums, exhibit areas, ancient hospitals and oratories with frescoes, abbeys and so on, that can be privatized for special groups.

In our events all the elements, from the venue to the catering, from flower decorations to entertainment, will melt together in a harmonic way to create an unforgettable frame.

We can propose special opening of exclusive palaces, castle or museums for private visits followed by drink or dinner inside, and private visits to Sistin Chapel and dinner inside Vatican City in one of the rooms of their Museums, or in their famous and beautiful Courtyards

Private concerts may be organized in cloysters, palaces, abbeys, historical sites.

We always propose to our clients something new, so they can realize that every event is a new one for us.


Luxurious Gala Dinner in the most beautiful palaces or castles, with a first level food and wine, as well as in nice venues by the beach or downtown: the beauty of the venue, the carefully prepared set-up with precious pottery and flowers, the selected music and entertainment, everything will melt in a delicious way. When back home, Participants will remember not only the importance of a lesson or the interesting researches of the speakers, but also the emotions linked to social activities, that will leave unforgettable memories in their heart.



Theme parties with set-up and menu related to ancient Rome as well as Middle Ages or Renaissance, with costumes, recipes and music of the historical period, flag wavers and jokers



Come with us to re-visit the highlights of Rome such as Colosseum, the Fori area, the Pantheon, or discover something new for you, recently restored or discovered (discovery of new archaeological sites are not unusual as archaeologists are always digging and digging, and every day they can discover a column or a statue of which our subsoil is quite rich!)



Choose Italy for your events, and have a Conference in an ancient Renaissance palace, a Lunch in a terrace overlooking Roman Fori, a Dinner in a magic ‘secret’ garden with Baroque music or singers playing opera romances…that’s Italy!